Our busy, bright, and spacious Toddler Room caters for children aged 2-3 years, maintaining the staff to child ratio of 1:5. Providing plenty of exciting and stimulating opportunities for exploration and discovery.


We follow the principles within Pre-birth to three and Building the Ambition, allowing children the freedom to develop their abilities and skills through play,  paving the way to become strong confident learners. Our close partnerships with parents and families to provides an inclusive approach to learning, and a strong link between nursery and home.


Our Learning Ethos

Toddler days are full of fun and adventure, where staff encourage children’s individuality.  Staff enthusiastic approach supports children as they investigate their learning journey in nursery.


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2-3 funded places

Free 2 – 3 year old places

Free 2 – 3 year old places

In partnership with Renfrewshire Council Jennyswell provides free funded places for all 2-5 year olds.
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Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play

having time at the park

Being Creative

Picture 050

exploring our creative side

Role Play

Role Play

Learning about people who help us