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Snacks & Lunches

Staff at Jennyswell Nursery follow the Setting the Table document when planning and implementing nutritious menus to maintain a healthy balanced diet for all throughout the day. All snacks and lunches are included within the daily prices, and are provided by Jennyswell.

Children, parents and staff review the menus regularly and are a crucial part in the building and implementation of the menus.

Special dietary requirements will be met in all cases, with the menus specifically designed along with the family to meet the needs of the child.


NHS Toothbrushing Programme

Jennyswell Nursery is proud to work collaboratively with Child Smile to promote good oral hygiene in all children across Scotland. All children will be provided the opportunity to take part (with parental consent) in this programme daily within the nursery.

Additional Support for Learning

In some point in a child’s life they may experience the need for additional support in their learning, the level of this support can vary in each specific instance. It can be as simple as some extra support in independence skills I.E. putting on jacket etc to requiring extra support in speech and language development.

Our staff have been fully trained in the aspect of additional support for children, their caring and nurturing interactions and level of skill and commitment will effectively support children throughout their learning journey at nursery.

Our designated ASL coordinator will work closely with the child and the family to ensure the correct support is in place by the appropriate agencies, and together we will work to enhance the development and promote a positive learning experience for all.

Free 2 – 3 year old places

Free 2 – 3 year old places

In partnership with Renfrewshire Council Jennyswell provides free funded places for all 2-5 year olds.
Please contact for further information

Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play

having time at the park

Being Creative

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exploring our creative side

Role Play

Role Play

Learning about people who help us