3 – 5


Our 3-5 room is centred around our confident, and skillful children, providing an environment full of exploration and play to allow the children to grow and learn at their pace. Our purpose built playroom is bright, spacious and attractive and allows for a free flow play approach for the children.



We follow the principles and guidance within a Curriculum for Excellence, preparing our children to become confident individuals, effective contributers, responsible citizens, and success learners. Staff work within the four capacities and provide a broad and balanced range of activities and experiences to enable the children to engage and develop their skills and abilities.


Our Learning Ethos

Children learn through their play, and we focus on the experiences we offer, and allow the child to draw on their skills and imagination to develop the range of experiences on offer. Our experienced, and skilled staff promote a variety of opportunities to involve children in the learning process and support effectively through curricular outcomes.

Free 2 – 3 year old places

Free 2 – 3 year old places

In partnership with Renfrewshire Council Jennyswell provides free funded places for all 2-5 year olds.
Please contact elainejennyswell@aol.co.uk for further information

Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play

having time at the park

Being Creative

Picture 050

exploring our creative side

Role Play

Role Play

Learning about people who help us